Bruce Ellis - Large Wine Stopper

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Tired of seeing trees pushed into piles and burned, Bruce decided to reclaim fallen wood so it wouldn’t go to waste. He taught himself to harvest, cure timber and to use the lathe. Then he began making items others also found beautiful and/or useful.

The wood is harvested, then cut and stacked to dry for six months to a year. Each piece is tough cut then examined for defects and opportunities. Then the wood is cut into planks that can be turned. Each plank undergoes additional curing to prevent cracking and warping after the piece is finished.

Projects to date include the traditional bowls, platters, boxes and lids as well as children’s toys, kitchen items, candle holders, pencil holders, pens and pencils, cases and more.

Bruce also learned to inlay turquoise, malachite, coral, brass, copper, and other semi-precious stones and metals. The effects are fascinating!


5 ¾" x 1 ½"