Cindy Miller - Bracelet

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Jewelry is sculpted from bronze and silver metal clay which is worked in malleable clay-like state and then fired in a kiln to return the metal to a solid state.


I sculpt metal clay wet to achieve fluid designs and then dry them flat or on curved surfaces to create a variety of forms. Once dry, I use wood carving tools and craft knives to refine the shape or carve designs on the pieces. I also create texture by carving, or embossing a variety of materials that can be used to impress textures into the metal clay. Hollow forms are assembled from several pieces using slip made from metal clay. I sand the dried clay to a smooth surface and place in the kiln to fire. Once the pieces are fired, I sand by hand and use magnetic and rotary tumblers depending on the finish I want to achieve. Final polishing is completed by hand. Sometimes I use traditional metal working techniques to attach found objects and cut and polish many of the stones I use in my designs.