Fred Marchman - Plane Pair Sculpture

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Fred Marchman was a Mobile and Southern original. Everyone who knew him said he was born an artist – obsessed, determined, prolific and creative.

He called himself a Southern Pop artist and said he was influenced by ancient art, modern painting and sculpture, folk art, esoteric writings, visionary and spiritual themes. He was a painter, printmaker, sculptor, and illustrator who reveled in using paint, wood, canvas, ink, metal, charcoal, crayon, and even concrete, to make his art. As for subject matter, he found inspiration in televisions, machines, the Confederacy, belles, flowers, kudzu, 50’s automobiles, duck decoys, and the female nude. He admired the work of artists H.C. Westermann, Paul Klee, Arshile Gorky and David Smith.

Marchman was well trained. As a child he was enrolled at John and Jane Shaw Art Studio in Mobile. He later earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Alabama and a Master of Fine Arts in sculpture from Tulane University.

After his universities years, Marchman volunteered for the Peace Corp in South America and taught at the Universidad Central in Quito, Ecuador. Upon returning to Mobile, he taught at the School of Math and Science and the University of South Alabama and then, later in life, at Faulkner State Community College.


13" x 8" x 7"