Keith Perelli - Hallway Art Collage

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Keith Perelli is a visual artist working in painting, printmaking and drawing. His work explores a variety of social political and personal issues. He is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana and teaches drawing and painting at the New Orleans Center for Creative Art, a pre-college conservatory for the arts. He has participated in numerous, national and international invitation and juried exhibitions. Mr. Perelli is a recipient of a SURDNA Foundation’s Arts Teacher Fellowship, a Louisiana Division of the Arts Fellowship, and a Foundazione Ratti Arts Fellowship. He has received five professional development grants from the Louisiana Division of the Arts. He was awarded a Downtown District Development/RTA commission for public works project on Canal Street in New Orleans along with many other commissions, grants and awards.

The work represented here are a departure from other figurative work and are mixed medium collage.


12" x 10"