Phillip Counselman - Prep Sketch #3

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My artistic explorations in sculpture are primarily created with wood and ceramics. As a starting point my works reference architecture, landscape/seascape, and the human body. My objective is to manipulate these elements beyond their mundane appearance developing them into ambiguously complex structures. As the forms begin to take shape, I am able to be more specific about their appearance. I am fascinated with industrial and technological changes in modern society and their effects on our natural environment in terms of artificially, seed dispersal, the body, and marine life. By using wood I am able to create a context for my ideas, the medium of ceramics is fluid, making it easier for me to represent the transformation of those concepts, as well as distort a piece (inform and meaning) to the point of becoming void of all seriousness. Constructed through playful experimentation in various mediums, these sculptures verge on absurdity – the only constant of humanity.


13" x 16"