Susie Bowman - Celedon Bowl

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Susie lives and works in Fairhope, Alabama. She is the creator and founder of The Kiln Studio & Gallery in Fairhope.


One of the most extraordinary places to live in the United States is the Gulf Coast. I am fortunate to call this place my home. A slow lifestyle, good food, kind people and local beauty are what make this area special.

My current body of work is based on these symbols of place and home. It is my way of celebrating our culture and remembering the warmth and beauty of our lives.

The most elemental connection to our earth is working in clay. It is an essential need for any potter to feel this association to their world. Working with clay provides peace and rhythm while constantly challenging and teaching me as I work.

Clay is a connection to the physical; form is the connection to the ethereal. In the sculptural sense, I explore the relationship of our universe with forms that have rhythm; joining the mind, spirit and body. We study the form, explore its beauty and proceed to use it for food, or maybe flowers to nourish our body and soul. In this fast paced technical world, to slow down and appreciate the beauty and idea behind handmade work is something we need to cherish and keep relevant for generations to come.


3 ¾" x 13" x 13"